Sunday, November 20 2016

A Thankful Heart

Do you ever get the feeling that you are just this close to a breakthrough, but can't quite get there? Like something's holding you back? Today's message from Pastor Chris is right on time for Thanksgiving, and he shows us how gratitude is the key for unlocking joy in our lives. Has God something amazing in your life? Thank Him! (and then go tell others!) Does your spouse go above and beyond to serve you well? Thank them! Don't let your praise get past-due! What are thankful for today!
Duration:34 mins 31 secs
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Sunday, November 27 2016
Duration: 34 mins 43 secs
What do you think it means to have childlike faith? Does it mean to have a simple faith, lacking detail and specificity? Perhaps it refers to humility; making one's self lower than those around us. Whatever ideas you may have on the subject, Pastor Chris gives us another way to look at the idea of having the faith of a child; full of wide-eyed wonder, simplicity and expectancy. Has the cynicism of the world machine worn your spirit down? This message will help you begin to see things from a much better perspective!
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