Testimony - Antoinette Brown


Before I got accepted Christ as my savior, I was what most people would consider a "good" person. I was a teenager who was on the "right" path. I obeyed my parents (for the most part), got good grades and avoided the alcohol, drugs, sex etc. I was 15 years old and doing all the right things but felt totally lost and empty. I couldn't understand it. I was doing what society said would make me happy and successful and I was miserable. I was searching and I knew it. I would lie in bed at night and be overwhelmed by how pointless life was. I would try to convince myself the emptiness I was wrestling with was because I was a teen and I was trying to find myself and that I would grow out of it. But I would look at all the adults in my life and they seemed as lost as I was so I just knew that couldn't be it. If the best thing about life was getting rich and leaving it to my children to squander, then I was not interested. To me, even if I did everything right and attained all that I could attain physically and emotionally all the hurt and pain that life offered made it not worth it.


Then I met this woman who had lived a crazy life full of bad decisions and she told me how empty she was and how Jesus changed her life. This woman and I lived two totally different lives yet it resulted in the same state of emptiness. She told me how what we had in common was sin. Sin separated us from God and we were created for God. Until I was reconciled to God, I would always be empty. That night, I gave my life to Jesus and I have never been empty since. He filled me and satisfied me in a way I could never explain. He gave me peace, joy and purpose. Since I became a Christian, I have had hurts, pains, failures etc. but Jesus made my life worth the living. I will go through what I need to go through to please my God and do whatever He wills for my life. Without Him, life is meaningless but with Him it is so fulfilling.

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