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Monday, November 12 2018
Duration: 33 mins 47 secs

Disobedience comes with a stiff price, are you willing to pay it? You will never discover the will of God for your life without being diligent in your time in His Word. If you want to know His plans, read what He has to say!
Sunday, January 07 2018
Series: Upgrade
Duration: 39 mins 38 secs
What kinds of things are you hoping for in 2018? New relationships? Perhaps a promotion? Maybe you're hoping for more direction toward your purpose. Maybe it's discovering that you have a purpose! Pastor Chris starts the new series "Upgrade" today and with it, a challenge to look at things a little differently. God is always doing something new and sometimes we need to trade our tired excuses that keep us tied to what God has done in the past and jump headlong into the work He is wanting you to be a part of today. So please, if you're thinking that 2018 is just another year, think again, and join us on this most excellent journey.
Saturday, January 17 2015
Series: Forward
Duration: 38 mins 38 secs
There is no doubt that God is moving forward! There's also no doubt that He wants us moving with Him, but it usually requires a change on our part, which is where a lot of us get stuck. Join Pastor Chris and the rest of the Destiny family as we discover what some of those changes might look like, and some of the thinking that keeps us from God's best for us.
Saturday, July 20 2013
Duration: 43 mins 15 secs
Pastor Chris teaches on the importance of having control of our thoughts. He challenged the church to commit to read the Bible for at least 15 minutes a day for 30 days.
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