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Sunday, March 25 2018
Series: Filters
Duration: 37 mins 47 secs
How often have we used today's message title to pass up the opportunity to connect with others or to share a need or a hurt? One of the most common filters we use is the one that says "I'm good...I don't need a thing". The reality is that more often than not, we really could use the hand, or the prayer, or the encouragement. You may even be so out of hope that you think there's nothing that can even be done to help, but as you're going to hear today, that's not the way it has to turn out. God can change an outcome, resurrect a dead dream or even a dead relationship if you will just let Him! Can you drop your filters long enough to let God into your story?
Sunday, July 09 2017
Series: Rain
Duration: 36 mins 7 secs
We are so glad you joined us for today's message! Pastor Chris wraps up our "Rain" series with a dynamic and insightful teaching on prayer. If you've listened to many of our messages, you know that we are a church that loves to pray. But have you ever asked why, if God has it all in His hands and under control, and He's already been to tomorrow and He knows what's coming, do we need to pray? This question and many others are answered in today's message. Have you been blessed and encouraged or challenged by this series? Don't keep it a secret...share us with your friends and family!
Sunday, May 17 2015
Series: Core
Duration: 37 mins 7 secs
Do you believe in destiny? Do you feel you were created for a purpose? Do you feel like you've missed it and it's too late to even start searching for the answers to those questions? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, or if you don't know what you believe about any of those things, this message is for you and anyone else you know who struggle with these deep, life-altering questions. Pastor Chris and the Destiny family invite you join us for this powerful 5th message in the "Core" series. Have you been encouraged by this latest series? Email us and let us know!
Saturday, September 21 2013
Duration: 34 mins 12 secs
Pastor Chris brings a word of encouragement and exhorts us to be encouraging to those around us.
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