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Sunday, February 17 2019
Series: Habits
Duration: 38 mins 51 secs

Over time, repeating these small things over and over will cause you to stand out amongst your peers, much like Daniel. What habit do you need to start doing this week?
Sunday, August 26 2018
Series: Red Letters
Duration: 35 mins 45 secs

Distraction takes it's toll on us. Whether it's tense international situations, 24-hour political and entertainment news cycles, or just the busyness of the 21st Century life, we are hard-pressed to not be distracted. Today, Pastor Chris will help us to fix our attention on the truly important things; the eternal things. God is sending out a call to be all in - to be fully invested. It's in that place where we can truly be focused as Jesus was focused.
Saturday, February 01 2014
Series: Base Camp
Duration: 46 mins 1 sec
There's nothing more complicated in this life than relationships, and in the final installment of the Base Camp series, Pastor Chris brings some Biblical wisdom to shed light on this often messy but ultimately rewarding subject. Be prepared to be challenged!
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