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Sunday, August 20 2017
Duration: 35 mins 16 secs
Conflict. It's easily one of the most avoided aspects of our relationships, but not dealing with conflict will at the very least weaken our relationship and sometimes it will totally destroy them. Resolving conflict with people, especially those who are closest to us, can help our prayer life. It can open the doors of God's blessings and overall, just make us happier, Godlier people. So come along with us today as we dig into some practical, Biblical wisdom.
Saturday, June 06 2015
If something is growing, then it stands to reason that it's changing, and most of us aren't real receptive to change. Even good changes can cause friction and conflict among good people in a good organization. In the 8th installment of our series "Core", Pastor Chris takes us further into the book of Acts to show that the early church, although loving, organic and vibrant, was not without it's problems, especially in times of great growth. Follow along and learn how they moved past some of these very familiar issues. You will be encouraged!
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