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Sunday, October 18 2015
Duration: 53 mins 37 secs
I'm sure you're familiar with the idea that you reap what you sow. It's a universal as well as a spiritual truth, and as you'll hear from our guest teacher, Pastor Jodi Tomlinson, sowing is vital to many facets of victorious Kingdom living. This is a timely message that will challenge you on many levels, so you might want to have a Bible and journal handy.
Sunday, October 11 2015
Series: Encore!
Duration: 40 mins 50 secs
When you're faced with a problem or a crisis, perspective is everything! And in this fourth installment of our series "Encore!", Pastor Chris, through God's Word, shows us that with the right perspective, healing happens! Dead dreams and dead people are brought back to life! You'll see that it truly isn't over until God says it is. Thanks so much for joining us for this series of studies. Know anyone that would be encouraged by these messages? Tell them about us!
Sunday, October 04 2015
Series: Encore!
Duration: 37 mins 24 secs
Can you think of anything better than being at the right place at the right time? Who knows what could happen? In the 3rd installment of the series "Encore!", Pastor Chris discusses just such a person and we get to see not only the immediate blessing in their life, but the life of the whole community. Like what you hear? Tell your friends and family about us!
Sunday, September 27 2015
Series: Encore!
Duration: 33 mins 11 secs
It's easy to say the words "Thank You", but in a fast moving, self-centered culture, it's getting even easier not to really mean it! Gratitude is so much more than words; it's a lifestyle that even the world can understand. As Christ followers, gratitude is key to a rich spiritual life that overflows with Christ's love and kindness. Thanks for joining us for this 2nd message in the series "Encore!" and thank you for sharing Destiny with your friends and family. Lives are being changed through this ministry! Do you have a Destiny Testimony? Let us know!
Sunday, September 20 2015
Series: Encore!
Duration: 39 mins 56 secs
It's usually the best part of the concert, right? The encore? The crowd is fired-up, the band is refueled and ready to give it 110% and the atmosphere is charged for that last, favorite song. It's an awesome experience worth the price of admission. Do you know that there is an encore waiting in the wings for you? Today, Pastor Chris kicks of this dynamic new series "Encore!" and we hope you will be not only blessed and empowered, but confident that it's not over. The best is yet to come!
Saturday, September 12 2015
Passage: Mark 4:35-41
Duration: 59 mins 31 secs
Hello and Welcome to Destiny Church of Jacksonville! If you've listened to any our messages or perused our website, you know just how much of an emphasis we place on reaching the nations for Christ. Part of how we do that is through International Cooperative Ministries. Through them, we have been able to fund the building of churches in 5 countries. Their representative and our good friend David Cowger paid a visit to deliver an awesome message of hope that you do not want to miss. If life is tossing you around like waves on an angry ocean, you'll want to take the time to listen to this message. Share it with a friend!
Saturday, September 05 2015
Series: Core
Duration: 44 mins 59 secs
History is filled with ordinary people who, after settling it in their heart, stepped off the path to ordinary and climbed to a reach a higher calling. Cortez burned his ships, leaving no option but to move forward toward his vision. Elisha burned his farming implements, declaring that the old way of life was no more: He was moving on to his higher calling. What new heights is God calling you to? Can you even imagine what He wants to do in you and through you? In this finale of the series "Core", Pastor Chris walks us through the steps that can take us from the ordinary, everyday life to an empowered life where God does the extraordinary! Thank you so much for joining us for this series. If you've missed any messages or would like to share them with your friends or family, all of the sermons in this series are available on our website to stream or download as well as on our podcast.
Saturday, August 29 2015
Series: Core
Duration: 38 mins 52 secs
In Matthew 18, Jesus speaks of being like children if we are to enter The Kingdom. To some of us, childhood may have been a horrible part of our lives. To others, it may seem like an insult to the intellect. What does it mean to you? If you're not sure, you've stumbled upon the right message! Pastor Chris takes us through some of the finer points of perceiving life like a child in The Kingdom of God. If cynicism and doubt are winning in the battle for your heart, this message is for you (or someone you know)!
Sunday, August 23 2015
Series: Core
Duration: 43 mins
If you have traveled at all, you may know what it's like to "over-pack", carrying heavy bags or suitcases full of stuff you'll probably never use. It can be the same on our spiritual journey. And although you may not physically see the size of the load that's being carried, it's weight can definitely be felt! Pastor Chris brings to light 4 types of burdens that most of us struggle with at one time or another. Are you feeling the weight that's slowing you down? Learn the art of traveling light today!
Saturday, August 15 2015
Series: Core
Duration: 43 mins 43 secs
We are worshipers. Whether you realize it or not, there is something, maybe several things in your life, that you worship. If that sounds a little far-fetched, just listen to this week's installment of our series "Core" where Pastor Chris unpacks the basics of worship: What it is, what it isn't and What God thinks about it. It's so much more than something we simply do!
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