Sunday, June 02 2019


So many concepts of The Kingdom seem antithetical to our busy, modern culture. Humility is valued over ambition. Logic and reason fall far short of the currency of childlike wonder. And as Pastor Chris shows us today, living the life of a servant is the gateway to greatness. What are some ways you can humble yourself and serve others this week?
Duration:4 mins 38 secs
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Sunday, June 09 2019
Duration: 44 mins 59 secs
In the Kingdom, there is no such thing as coincidence, so it's definitely no coincidence that 3 of the last four messages delivered at Destiny Church of Jacksonville have to do with service. Think about that for a minute. 3 pastors from across the country bringing a similar challenge not only to the members of Destiny, but to everyone who subscribes to or frequents this podcast or YouTube channel. Can you even imagine what breakthrough or life-changing event is on the other side of your humble service to those around you? Do you feel God calling you up and out into service to your community? If so, we'd love to hear from you. On our website, go to the testimonies link and let us know what God is up to in your life!
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