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Saturday, November 01 2014
Series: Kingdom Come
Duration: 24 mins 32 secs
Although The Beatitudes have few words to them, they are rich with life-giving truths and instruction, nourishing the believer who takes these words of Jesus to heart. Join us today as Pastor Chris opens up this fourth Beatitude and gives us some insight on what true hunger and thirst just might look like. Thank you so much for listening today. Like what you hear? Share it with a friend!
Saturday, October 18 2014
Series: Kingdom Come
Duration: 44 mins 29 secs
Continuing on with the series "Kingdom Come", Pastor Chris takes us back up on the mountain with Jesus and the Disciples to show us how to overcome some of our darkest moments. Are you ready to stop living with regrets? Grab your Bible and journal and join us!
Saturday, October 11 2014
Series: Kingdom Come
Duration: 39 mins 21 secs
No, it's not Shakespeare's "Hamlet" we're talking about today, rather the beginning of a walk through the Beatitudes. So join us as Pastor Chris continues in the Kingdom Come series and be blessed! Please note that there were technical difficulties during the recording of this message.
Saturday, October 04 2014
Series: Kingdom Come
Duration: 38 mins 33 secs
Jesus' disciples were eager to join Him, to follow Him at what would seem to the modern world a very simple invitation. Join us as Pastor Chris sheds some light on just how significant of an event it was to these first-century fishermen, and how it is still the most important call that we will ever receive.
Sunday, September 28 2014
No this is not a sermon about the world's most famous mouse, but it is about a Kingdom full of wonder, love and hope. You're in for a real treat as Jodi Tomlinson shares how great heroes are made and how we can live happily ever after. Listen with a friend and be ready to be inspired!
Sunday, September 14 2014
We are under the influence of words everyday, but have you stopped to consider the power that words really have? Guest Teacher and Church Elder Elton Brooke shares a timely and relevant Word on the power of words! Thanks for taking the time to listen and for joining us this week!
Saturday, September 06 2014
Pressure...We all feel it, regardless of our place in life. While many of us look for ways to get out of situations that bring pressure, God sometimes uses that pressure to bring the best out of us. Join the Destiny Family as Pastor Chris shows us the upside of being under pressure!
Sunday, August 31 2014
When we pray for God's Kingdom to come to earth, what are we really asking for? Pastor Chris embarks on a new study series to answer that question and many others to show us what Heaven on Earth can really look like.
Sunday, August 24 2014
Pastor Chris wraps up the fantastic series "Forgotten God" with this powerful lesson on the Gift of discerning of Spirits. What's real and of God and what's not? This message will help to answer those questions as well as offer strategies to help stay focused and connected to God's leading and purpose for our lives.
Sunday, August 17 2014
Guest Teacher Miles Phelps shares his gift with Destiny Church of Jacksonville and brings us a timely and powerful message from The Lord. You will be challenged and blessed!
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