Rythm of Rest

If life is a school from which we only receive a certificate after walking the stage of heaven, then many of the most treasured volumes of text books that fill our shelves have come from our home church. When we set off to Florida, we knew we wanted to replicate many of the things we learned while there, but many others had become so imprinted on our hearts that we didn’t notice until we realized they followed us here too.

One such lesson has been the rest of God. Poppa Gerry not only taught rest, but he led from a place of it. When we first arrived in New Mexico, we showed up running. To us, rest was something you did on vacation to avoid an emotional breakdown. Unfortunately, we were typical pastors, burning candles and energy from any end lightable. We bucked and balked at such restful ministry. Now, we would do ministry no other way. We believe leading and living from a place of rest is God’s plan.

In a busy, overachieving world it is almost a radical thought. Yet, we’ve found that one can accomplish more from a place of rest than while striving to deliver. This has been so evident to us during this church plant. The slow and steady approach that God has positioned us in has been freeing and joyful. Every time we’ve started to sense the overwhelming feeling of carrying a plate too heavy due to the buffet of stuff to do, God has sent people to help. It’s been a beautiful thing to watch. To borrow a word from a friend that hears God’s voice, it’s living beyond balance and finding the rhythm of God.

As I prepare for our first women’s meeting, I’ve been meditating on my theme Kingdom Come. We want Destiny to be about more than a Sunday service. We want it to be about bringing the Kingdom of God into our daily lives. I love to see others hear the rhythm and respond to it. That is the Kingdom. That is the church. It’s not forming programs that only serve to wear us all thin. It’s not forced. It’s organic (I love that word…for many reasons.). It’s melodious. It’s natural. It’s slow and steady but as a result its roots grab hold of deep soil and stay grounded for a lifetime. Looking back at our New Mexico pastor’s leadership, I see that. I remember those that wanted faster progress, but the wait was worth it to see the community that God built there. It has been no different here.

I love the community that God is building at Destiny. I love the restful posture of it. This rhythm of rest is the sound of God’s heart touching ours. It results in a more graceful dance than we could ever be capable of on our own. Thank you, to all those that have heard its sound. Thank you, to the community of Destiny Church for bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth daily. Thank you, for your slow and steady dance. We are delighted to call you our people.


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