Monday, 07 November 2011

We finally have a date on the calendar and peace has made His home in our house and hearts. We are trying our best to be the type of hosts that don’t frustrate His stay and we are praying His presence welcomes the family that replaces us here. I pray that this house become their home and that the next youth pastor experience the goodness of God through this ministry.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is so thick today I feel I could almost touch it. I live for these moments. I long for them and today they have come to rest with us. We took a detour from our routine and we did our Bible lesson outside. It was such a treat that we decided to stay on the back deck the rest of the morning. It has been a needed break from our schedule; doing school out in the warm fall air while the two little girls play. This departure from the mundane has been like an unexpected visit from a good friend. Our sound track for the day is my worship playlist and it is quite fitting. Creation seems to be singing along.

The light bouncing off the leaves as they dance for each passing gust, reminds me how alive creation is. There is a dog barking fruitlessly in the distance; a car passing in a rush to get some place important.  Birds are whistling tender love songs to their Maker. I hear the crunch of fallen leaves running across the grass toward a resting place. We laugh over the tickle of flies searching for somewhere to land and the smell of citronella. I watch my girls growing before my eyes.  Everything they touch out here is a result of my husband’s strong hands and hard work. Life is screaming the Creator’s name. Can you hear it? There is no one like Him.

When I still myself long enough, I hear God all around me, everywhere. The inaudible sound is so loud and comforting this morning, I just want to sit and drink it in; savor it like a pumpkin spice latte. Even though the New Mexico wind is calm at the moment, change is indeed on its way. I hear it in the distance. Life grows, moves, and modifies. It is all created to do so. God stood before creation, Revelations speaks of His victory at the end of this world, and we are assured He is here with us in our present. There has never been a moment in our lives when God has not orchestrated life. He always works things to the good of those who love Him. That is life in Christ Jesus: growing, moving, and changing.

And so, we prepare to move with the current of life. We set our eyes and our wings toward Jacksonville and begin the process of packing and saying goodbye. We have two months to tie up loose ends and prepare the teenagers and ourselves. Reality has replaced our childlike excitement. Hard goodbyes are near and difficult transitions are anticipated. Yet, we rest in the comfort that unlike this life, God is unchanging. He is constant and faithful. He has been to the place of our transition and has already prepared the way. He is here in our discomfort and He has been here all along composing life.

As this terrific chapter is ending, we look at the blank page of the next that sits bare and expectant in front of us. It is both exciting and frightening. We are going out on a limb, but He is a strong limb; a tree actually. A tree of life. The foundation of the world. Thank you God for your timing, for your perfection, and for your life.


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